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July 12, 2024

Assignment for your next lesson:

- from EXERCISES section: Keep at the 2 pdf scale sheets - yes! so much better today! Keep trying to get the subtone down low - this is where you can really work on your jazz embouchure.

In the TUNES section: 

• practice St. Thomas 

• Listen a lot to the new playlist - all tracks feature alto saxophonists - see if you are more inspired by any particular track or which player's tone you like!


Go to this Jazz Styles linkRead the info and then check out all the Vol. 1 stuff and make sure you understand.

Then get to work on these:

Basics of ii-V-I cadences on the piano:


Practice St. Thomas head and solo that I printed for you today. LISTEN to the recording a lot; put your headphones on and play along with Sonny Rollins - this is the BEST way to learn the articulations and style:

Listen to this a lot!
-Ye Olde Stuffe-         

 LINK to the Great American Songbook page

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