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In March 2020, the pandemic abruptly and indefinitely stopped musicians and all live performers from doing our jobs. Many of us then took to the internet as our only opportunity to make music with others. I am grateful to have been a part of this international project called "Classic Rocks," which is the brainchild of Keith Levenson and Rory Johnston.

This video is a cover of "November Rain" by Guns N' Roses.

Keith Levenson and Rory Johnston are also co-collaborators on Fustercluck Music. Special thanks to Keith, Rory, and Jim Sheridan.

Credits roll at the end - I'm playing bass clarinet and am usually seen along the right side in the middle of the column.


Another awesome COVID-borne project is the aptly named Quarantined Woodwind Ensemble.


I've been delighted to participate in 2 collaborations with these wonderful musicians/arrangers, Emily Pecoraro and Tyler Burchfield. 


In this arrangement of Lionel Richie's "All Night Long," I'm playing flute (along the right side in the lower corner).


This is Rufus and Chaka Kahn's "Ain't Nobody," on which I am playing bass clarinet (again along the right side of the screen).


My wife (trumpet player Jami Dauber) and I were graciously invited by Carol Sudhalter and Sandra Tharas to perform at the

Louis Armstrong Legacy's monthly jazz jam at Flushing Town Hall

(which of course, was done virtually).


We arranged and performed Barry Manilow's "When October Goes" with our dear friend and amazing musician, pianist Jackie Warren in Cleveland.

This particular "concert" also featured several married couples who are musicians and perform often together.


In addition to performing, Jami and I were also featured in this interview

"Funny Valentines: Jazz, Love, and Quarantine."

Still under construction: Links forthcoming!!


Throughout 2019 (the days before the pandemic), I had the enormous pleasure of performing many times with Metropolitan Klezmer and The Isle of Klezbos.

My initiation into the world of klezmer took place at Baruch College in the Blessed Unrest/Teatri Oda production of Refuge, in which the musicians were on stage (the clarinet part was initiated by Debra Kreisberg; I took over for the 2nd half of the run). 

I am eternally grateful to Debra Kreisberg, Eve Sicular, and the members of Metropolitan Klezmer and The Isle of Klezbos for the opportunity to explore this timeless and beautiful music.

Actor/singer Becca Schneider performed "Geselekh" and "Yankele" in her role as Miriam in Refuge. After the show closed, Becca recorded these 2 songs with Ismail Butera on accordion and me on clarinet.


The pre-pandemic show that I am most looking forward to reviving is Classic Whitney: Alive! featuring the incomparable and absolutely fantastic Kevin Smith Kirkwood.


This show is a heartfelt, sincere, and incredible tribute to Whitney Houston and her gifts to music.

I adore Kevin and this band - performing with them means the world to me.


Drew Wutke is the mastermind who puts together such magical collaborations.

Still under construction: Links forthcoming!!


Early in the pandemic shutdown, the Third Street Music School Settlement asked me to do a video for the students which resulted in this demonstration of soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone saxophones and some of the styles that are typically played on these instruments.

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