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May 5 2024

Hi Cham! 

Great work on your chamber piece!

For the recital, we'll do My Little Suede Shoes by Charlie Parker.

Look in the TUNES section for the pdf I explained to you in your lesson and also practice tracks, etc.


We'll pick up with these other regular assignments after the recital:


- New reeds: Vandoren Traditional (blue box) strength = 2.5

- Canfield III: practice with the metronome; listen a lot to the recording and try to play (headphones) along at reduced tempo

- From the TUNES section: Niehaus Jazz Duets #3 

- from the EXERCISES section: practice the ii-V-I pdfs and have a listen and a look at Omnibook p. 8 Yardbird Suite and p. 4 Moose the Mooche


This one starts right

on the downbeat:

This one has a 4-bar intro:

 LINK to The Great American Songbook

Blues By Five - transcribe the 1st chorus of Miles' solo (12 bars):

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