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May 13, 2024

Hi Theo!


Great work on the new jazz articulation!!


Assignment for your next lesson:

For Sandu:

 - GUIDE TONES (3rds and 7ths)  and RHYTHM

- Listen for the blues licks in Clifford's solo and try to extract those 

- Remember the last 4 bars of the piano solo that we transcribed? Use that! and remember what's cool about it: the repetition and blues flavor

- Whichever Greg Fishman jazz duet that you are working on: Harlem Avenue?

-get going on the new sheet in EXERCISES (Jazz Styles vol. 2)

- Yardbird Suite - LISTEN to the recording a lot for articulation and style; try to play along with HEADPHONES


I'll Be Seeing You via this LINK to the

Great American Songbook page

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