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May , 2024

Your assignment for next lesson:

- In the EXERCISES section: Get going with Chromatic pages; practice p. 3 of Studies in 3/8, and practice both pages of E Major stuff via the Key Signature Review link below

- In the MUSIC section - Listen to both videos of James Galway

- From Selected Duets move on to #6 and #7 (both parts)


Practice p. 3 (and/or finish this one?:

LINK to Key Signature Review - practice both pages of E Major exercises; then move on to B Major?


Practice movements II (Romance) at mm = 80-85 and I (Allegro) at mm = 60-63; with the recording below, click on the bottom YouTube icon, then go to the settings wheel icon to slow the tempo for practicing (I suggest 0.75 or selecting "custom" and typing in 0.65):

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