Amy Griffiths is a woodwind specialist based in New York City. She plays flutes (including dizi and Irish flute/whistles) clarinets, saxophones, and bassoon in a myriad of musical situations, from Broadway orchestras, klezmer bands to cabaret shows, jazz groups, and wedding bands.

Amy is from Maryland and has lived in North Carolina, Paris (France), Arizona, Georgia, and Louisiana before finally settling in NYC. Her formal education was acquired from The North Carolina School of the Arts (specialized high school diploma in music and Bachelor of Music), Arizona State University (Master of Music), and Louisiana State University (Doctor of Musical Arts).
In addition to her performance life, Amy teaches woodwinds at The Third Street Music School Settlement in the East Village. 
Since the pandemic has forced her to stay at home, Amy has reorganized her entire apartment, sold all of her random, unused stuff on eBay, and shaved her head. She now practices 25 hours daily and gets enough sleep for the first time in her life.

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