MARC's saxophone Lessons

May 17, 2022


Marc! An excellent first lesson! You will move quite quickly through the Standard of Excellence book. Below is some extra stuff that will complement the materials in the book:

Ode to Joy Duet - you can practice the top part (alto saxophone 1) and play along with the recordings when you are ready. Don't worry about the rhythms that you may not know yet - your ears will tell you how to play those:

Ode to Joy (alto top)
00:00 / 02:02
Ode to Joy (alto bottom)
00:00 / 01:55

Ah, Vous Dirai/Twinkle Twinkle Duet - Practice the top part and then try playing along with the recordings:


PRO TIP: Whenever you are playing along with a recording, it's way better to use headphones - otherwise we can't hear the recordings very well when we're playing along!