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April 11, 2024

Hi Jules!

Your assignment is:

- Continue with warm up on long tones 

- Scale sheet from EXERCISES section below - work on all of p. 1

- Watch the Flute Embouchure videos below!

- Pick up Standard of Excellence book at p. 10 

- Check out It Don't Mean a Thing in the TUNES section

- Here's another Playlist for your to check out:

Work on all of p. 1 of this sheet:
Standard of Excellence book - pick it up at p. 10: 
LINK to the Key Signature Review - check out the pages in the keys of F and Bb
Listen to this video of Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong playing It Don't Mean a Thing. This video is in the same key as the pdf sheet - the main melody starts at :56 into the video - try to play along!
-Ye Olde Stuffe-           
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