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March 5, 2023

Hi Alice - It was excellent getting started with you today! Your solos and all the band music sound great - you'll have a fun time performing those pieces at your upcoming concert.

A couple of things that we discussed in the lesson today:


1) Put the thin, clear mouthpiece patch on asap. This really gives you some valuable stability with the embouchure.


2) Experiment with a wee, tiny, ever-so-slight difference in the amount of mouthpiece you have in your mouth:

slightly too much = less control

slightly not enough =  pinched, weak sound

 LINK to The Great American Songbook -  see if there are any songs you wish to play.

 Technique: This could be a good one to get going-

 Etude: Is there anything in the Hite book that you've been working on?

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