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March 6, 2023


- Keep your right arm back (not too far forward)
- Keep your head UP
Practice this week on 3 separate days for 10-15 min. each:
1) Exercises: Play the C Major and F Major (all of p. 1) exercises 5 times in a row each time you practice - 
2) Standard of Excellence book. p. 10 #32-#35 - Play each of these 3 times in a row each time you practice
Click this link for This Old Man duets in many keys - scroll down past "Aura Lee" to find "This Old Man" on the page
Rakes of Mallow:
Rakes of Mallow SLOW HOT SPOTS (in C for fl
00:00 / 06:22
Rakes of Mallow MEDIUM (in C for fl)
00:00 / 01:48
Rakes of Mallow FAST (in C for fl)
00:00 / 01:14
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